Robert Edgar’s Portfolio Site

This site contains examples of digital and analog work I've been doing since the early 1970s. It's a compilation of ontological strategies.

Pecha Kucha Intro to Simultaneous Opposites

The Congressman’s Lament


A Map from Sensing to Creating

In 2010 I was asked to teach a course on popular films and society. Instead, I showed
a set of some of the most unpopular films of the last 30 years, and led the class through
a phenomenological path from sensing to creating.
Here are the notes from the class: Click here.

Simultaneous Opposites #51: Cantankerous Boogie

Simultaneous Opposites #55: Thee Constructing Nosferatwo

Simultaneous Opposites #60: Breathing for Metaphors

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  1. Pursued your site. Interesting mix. Glad to see you are still up to your activities.

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